Taiwan’s Abandoned: The Thirteen Levels

It’s impossible to keep abandoned places a secret when the structure itself is akin to an archaic fortress, sits precariously on a mountain face that overlooks the ocean, and also happens to be in close proximity to a number of major tourist attractions. I came across it almost like everyone else did; by accident, while on the way to other destinations, and because it really is that glaringly obvious. Continue reading

Fabric Shopping in Taipei for that Perfect Wedding Dress

My sister got hitched this month in one of the most idyllic of places – Provence France! And in keeping with the romantic Provençale setting, she had the perfect wedding gown custom-made to match. Now you may not know much about the dresses themselves, but I’m sure you’re familiar with the cost that could be associated with them. However, they really needn’t be an arm and a leg to afford. You just need to look to someone who currently lives in Taiwan and can go shopping for you! Continue reading

Taiwan is Not Another Asian Country with Crazy Driving

This statement can be misleading, and those who live here or have visited would have probably already scoffed in disbelief at my blog title.

But it’s true. Taiwan really isn’t as ridiculous for drivers as some people may think. Well in Taipei, and other major cities, yes…but whatever chaos you come across there, doesn’t happen once you hit the smaller towns.  For me it’s actually more relaxing than driving on some Australian highways, which is why roadtripping around Taiwan is an activity I keep coming back to. Continue reading