7 Less-Known Places for a Romantic Date in Taipei

Every one, in one small way or another, is a little romantic. Whether you are the type to wear matching outfits with your beloved, or just like spending quiet time with that significant other, it sure feels nice to get romantic once in awhile. For me, it’s about appreciating beauty and sharing a common interest with that special someone. So in the spirit of Double Seven Day (seventh day of the seventh lunar month also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day), here are my seven less-known (and low-cost!) places in Taipei for romance. Continue reading

Engrossed with Taipei’s Book Culture

Unless you’re in the online book-selling business, book stores elsewhere in the world seem to struggle with making ends meet.  Competing with the growing demand for the convenience of electronic devices, it is becoming a rare image to see people flipping through binded paper in their soft or hard covers.  Thankfully there are still places where book culture is redefining its place in modern society, and reading isn’t just something you should do with a Kinder or an iPad.  I love the smell of books and much prefer the motion and feel of turning pages while completely engrossed in a story. I am aware at how contradicting this sounds coming from the owner of this blog, but it is true that reading books seems to be less of a mainstream activity that is only finding its way back into society in recent years. Continue reading