7 Less-Known Places for a Romantic Date in Taipei

Every one, in one small way or another, is a little romantic. Whether you are the type to wear matching outfits with your beloved, or just like spending quiet time with that significant other, it sure feels nice to get romantic once in awhile. For me, it’s about appreciating beauty and sharing a common interest with that special someone. So in the spirit of Double Seven Day (seventh day of the seventh lunar month also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day), here are my seven less-known (and low-cost!) places in Taipei for romance. Continue reading

100 Anecdotes: Not Junk

Cycling along Ludong Road, Changhua, you might catch the glint reflecting off metal in what first appears to be a junk yard. Take a closer look. A mechanical bird call rings in the air to warn that you have trespassed into guarded property.

No need to worry. The husband and wife who’s nickel factory this place belongs to will greet you fondly. A family-owned company, the factory was founded by their father who’s well over seventy now. It’s anything but junk.

Wander about. Say hi. Send regards on behalf of two Aussies who randomly dropped in on their quiet day.

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