Fabric Shopping in Taipei for that Perfect Wedding Dress

My sister got hitched this month in one of the most idyllic of places – Provence France! And in keeping with the romantic Provençale setting, she had the perfect wedding gown custom-made to match. Now you may not know much about the dresses themselves, but I’m sure you’re familiar with the cost that could be associated with them. However, they really needn’t be an arm and a leg to afford. You just need to look to someone who currently lives in Taiwan and can go shopping for you! Continue reading

Taipei Reacquainted

Just four days after leaving Adelaide, I have settled in nicely in my new home.  Everything seems familiar as though I’ve been here all along, but altogether strange and exciting! It may be too early to tell but I feel that I’ve made a most wonderfully correct decision to be a new resident here. Continue reading

A Little Context

It’s sunny in Adelaide again but at twenty eight degrees celcius, it’s the cool change most people have been waiting for. I’m at a cafe, sipping coffee and watching people catch up with colleagues over a quick cuppa before work. According to the weather app on my phone, by the time I arrive into Taipei this week, I can expect a cloudy and chilly night with possible chance of rain.  I scrunch up my nose…I’ve always been more of a summer girl, and I was expecting a warmer welcome from Taiwan in the Spring. Continue reading