what is this blog about?

In short, I write about unique experiences in Taiwan that become travel insights for you, who are curious and like to venture deeper.

If you like abandoned buildings, outdoor and urban exploration, but also want to read about design, events, local encounters, and the occasional awkward cultural nuances of living in Taiwan, then this might be the mixed-bag of a blog for you.




I came to Taiwan on a whim, thanks to some cheap airfares and the motivation to discover a place no one seems to know about. Then a trip to Yangmingshan, a Taoist temple on a rainy night, and the views of Taiwan’s east coast led to consecutive annual trips and a strong motivation to understand this place and its people I keep coming back to. After four years, I decided to stay in Taiwan for good, studying Chinese and living the free and good life as a professional turned student. Life in Taiwan kept me exploring more and more to the point it could only be described as an obsession.


who’s Q?

Q is for Quyen, and I hail from Adelaide, a relatively small and quiet town in the south of Australia. I was a government officer by trade, but nature had me seeking a life of travelling light. Since being in Taiwan, I’ve turned a hobby into a career and am now a freelance copy writer, content strategist, and photographer.

Q 就是 Quyen (越南話翻譯來是杜鵑)。我來自南澳洲一個名叫阿德萊德的小城市,我之前當公務員,但我心裡一直嚮往著輕裝旅行的生活,自從我在台灣居住後,我就將我的興趣變成我的職業,現在我是一個作家以及攝影師。

work with me

From time to time I get asked to produce content. You will have seen my work in the likes of Taiwan Tourism Bureau, culture and travel magazines such as Travel in Taiwan, and Ketagalan Media. If you like to contact me for writing or photo projects – anything at all really, feel free to hit the buttons below.

有時候我幫別人創作。你或許在中華民國觀光局,還有文化和旅遊的雜誌像是台灣觀光雙月刊(Travel in Taiwan),Ketagalan Media 以及 台北美食速遞服務 (UberEATS Taipei), 看過我的作品. 如果你也想跟我合作創作,拍照的工作,那不要猶豫跟我聯絡。


Keeping in mind that I have only completed one year of formal Chinese studies, I will be translating only short articles for now (namely 100 anecdotes). Please don’t hesitate to correct my Chinese if you see any off, nonsensical words and sentences. This is as much a platform for me to learn, as it is to show readers Taiwan!


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Feature photo thanks to Guang-Hui Chuan.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by! It would be my pleasure to meet with such an experienced expat like yourself! Your blog has inspired me on multiple occasions too!

  1. Hey there Quyen! I just stumbled across your website and wanted to thank you for all of the great information and photos you have collected here! A friend and I are planning a car/motorcycle trip around Taiwan and I think this will be a great resource for our planning. We are from the US and having been to Taipei a number of times we have fallen in love with the city and its people. We’re really looking forward to seeing what the rest of Taiwan has to offer. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Casey. Thanks so much for stopping by (and apologies for the delayed response. I’ve been roadtripping myself!). I’m so glad you find my small blog useful. I hope you find even more Taiwan treasures on your motorcycle trip – it really is a great way to see Taiwan! I’ll keep trying to put out more content but do let me know of any suggestions. Take care!