Taiwan is Ridiculously Beautiful

Last week I went on one of the most epic of roadtrips I’ve had for a long while. And with none other but my elderly parents! Though less nimble as they were, we were able to circle Taiwan in just over a week. I think it was quite a feat for them to have seen so much as first-timers to this little island. Small it may be, there is plenty to see and do in Taiwan, and I am so glad they’ve had the chance to appreciate its diversity. For me this getaway was doubly special because not only did I get to show my parents how wonderful life could be in Taiwan, I again witnessed some ridiculously beautiful scenes, only to further reinforce my will to stay.


Hopefully you’ve seen my other post about how awesome I think Taiwan is for a leisurely drive. This time, taking a trip all the way around the island and exploring some central areas made me realise how much more there is to discover here! It absolutely fascinates me how quickly the landscape can change, how local customs and food differ by just crossing through counties, and most importantly, in discovering that the road itself is sometimes more worthwhile than the actual destination. We made no set plans on this trip, just went with whichever road felt right. Most often than not, ending up in the quietest of towns and discovering their uniqueness only once we arrived there.

A picture paints a thousand words, so here’s a selected few to get you inspired. If you’ve yet to embark on your own roadtrip around this island, don’t hesitate to do so! Honestly, it would be a big shame to visit Taiwan and not take advantage of how easy it is to get around. My dad is nearing 80 years, and still managed it!

From the infamous Sun Moon Lake, to the lesser known mountains of Xinyi Township. We got wonderfully lost here, and wounded up having some of the most magnificent views.
Lotus Forest of Lugu Township is one of those places that hold plenty of mystery. I arrived too late to see the magical pools it usually possesses. But all the better for me to keep wanting to come back to this place soon (though best after some rainfall)
Into the valley we go, where mountain peaks surround us, and crops take over the plains as far as the eye could see.
伯朗大道…a stretch of road not to be missed when travelling the East Rift Valley. Come in Summer for the lush green crops but yellow fields make a sunny day even more radiant.
Feeling on top of the world at Liushishi Mountain (六十石山)

Where and How: We hired a car from Taipei taking the western highways to start the bulk of our roadtrip in central Nantou County. Where without a doubt, we were already blessed with a fair collection of picture perfect scenery. Of course you could start with the East Coast and East Rift Valley, as I have done on many occasions, but I highly suggest you leaving that till last. There’s nothing quite like tracing the Pacific Ocean to finish off what would already be an epically beautiful roadtrip!

For reasons unknown, Google Maps have restricted the number of locations I could add to my map. Though it does not represent all the places visited, most of them were en-route to destinations already listed here. If you still can’t decide where to go, remember I’ll be more than happy to help!

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