Spring Days in Yangmingshan


As I prepare myself for my first sticky summer in Taiwan, I find it hard to farewell to romantic Spring.  Thanks – you’ve put on quite a show!

When: Since Spring marks the beginning of some spectacular blooms, the Yangmingshan Flower Festival starts in February and lasts through to March.  However don’t discount the other months as you could get all sorts of other flowers blooming up until July.

Where: Yangmingshan National Park

Getting There: Numerous bus lines connecting from main MRT stations makes it extremely easy and convenient to get to the mountains just north of Taipei.  Get to Beitou (北投站), Jiantan (劍潭站) or Shilin (士林站) MRT stations all on the Red Line, and catch a connecting bus, usually located just outside the main exit.  For more information on bus routes and schedules click here.

2 thoughts on “Spring Days in Yangmingshan

    1. Summer is hot and sticky but being in Taipei means we get frequent rain as well! My body is so confused!!!!